Leaf Logic - Cozy Clean Detox

Artisan Loose Leaf Herbal Tea (Caffeine Free) – Organic

Detox with an infusion of dandelion, milk thistle, burdock, and ginger along with red clover, echinacea, and lemon for a cleansing blend of natures very own detoxifiers.

This is one of the newest blends in the Cozy Leaf collection and was finalized February 2017! I have been wanting to create a detox blend for a long time, but decided that I wanted it 100% USA grown ingredients. The search was on for 100% organic and US grown herbs. The final ingredient to join this team was a Hawaiian grown ginger! It made the blend so perfect that I couldn't wait to release it! I like to let this blend brew as a long infusion (pour boiling water over the herbs, cover, and let it set up to 4 hours), then pour your infusion over ice or pop it in the refrigerator for an easy grab all day!

Product Description

Is your body bogging you down from toxin build up? Cozy Clean Detox blend was specifically formulated to be an all natural way to help your body release toxins and get you on your way to feeling youthful. 100% organic herbs from our beautiful earth that gently but effectively help your body naturally fight against toxins, release water weight, support the immune system during your detox, and help your organs function properly. 


This detox tea is an amazing accompaniment to any juice cleanse you are beginning. It will help boost the cleansing power of your full body detox as well as keep you warm and comfortable throughout your cleanse.

Ingredients: organic dandelion root, organic burdock root, organic milk thistle seed, organic dandelion leaf, organic echinacea root, organic hawaiian yellow ginger (dried with organic lime juice for freshness), organic red clover, organic lemon peel, oil of lemon

Taste: Herbal undertones with a lively lemon finish

Brew: Steep 1 rounded teaspoon of tea per 8 oz of water (212 degrees) for 5-7 minutes. Take time to take a few deep breathes and relax. After the tea has reached the desired strength, strain out the loose leaf and savor the superior flavor found in a cup of the Cozy Leaf Collection.

Herbal Infusion: Steep 1 rounded teaspoon of tea per 8 oz of water (212 degrees) for 15 minutes to 4 hours. This will draw out more of the properties from the herbs and ensure maximum benefits into your tea cup. Strain out the loose leaf and serve hot or over ice.