Broad Street - Holy Smoke Smudge Stick/Gold tube

Holy Smoke Smudge Stick//dried botanical bundle//hand-crafted cedar smudge stick//self-care//connection//spring cleaning//home life healing

The ritual of smudging can be defined as "spiritual house cleaning." It refers to passing one self, an object or space through sacred smoke as a means of purification, cleansing negative, unwanted energy into positive. The art of smudging has a long tradition with many different cultures. 

The Holy smoke smudge stick combines the powerful ancestral protection of cedar with the clearing energy of sage, sweetgrass, rose and palo santo. Sweetgrass invokes love, kindness & gentleness. Roses offer protection & healing, ushering in a high vibration of love & beauty. Palo santo provides an uplifting scent that raises vibration, enhances creativity and invokes abundance. Its ceremonial smoke will offer a high vibration of clearing energy for setting intention, welcoming in new energy and blessings.

Caution: Use with extreme caution. Do not leave burning or smoldering stick unattended. Keep out of reach of small children. For external use only.

-1 hand-crafted Holy Smoke smudge stick, measures appr. 5"
-All elements in the smudge stick are sustainably harvested, wild-crafted with intention to clear, connect and bless. 

*The bundle you will receive is uniquely bundled, similar to the one in the listing. 

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