Broad Street - Cedar Flower & Herb Incense Sachet

Cedar Flower + Herb Sachet/Loose botanicals//Dried botanical//natural potpourri//space clearing//altar//new house clearing//linen freshener

Cedar Flower + Herb sachets are composed of cedar & other dried botanicals that can be used as a traditional smudge or natural potpourri. 

Cedar is one of the traditional herbs used for protection. The shake can be sprinkled around your home to invoke protection, as well as, used in the garden as a natural weed killer. The cedar shake can also be burned in a fireplace, or fire proof vessel as a traditional smudge. 

Ingredients (included by not limited to)--Cedar, white sage, blue sage, grey sage, sweetgrass, calendula, life everlasting, lavender, red sandalwood, rosemary, bay & roses

-2oz pouch of cedar flower + herbs

For external use only-- If burning, please place dried herbs in a fire safe vessel. Adult supervision. Use with care.

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