The Alchemy Series Soy Candles

  The health and wellness reasoning for burning candles made this an obvious addition to our line.  We've created our new Alchemy Series, made with 100% soy wax.  Soy wax burns clearer than paraffin and other waxes, but is also shown to clean and purify the air. These candles feature a cotton wick that doesn't throw off smoke or discoloring soot on the glass.  We've chosen a beautiful glass jar, completing a candle that can be expected to burn for anywhere from  60 to 80 hours.  We selected the best fragrance oils for this line, imparting a strong smooth scent.  Cotton wick, corked glass jar.

Net wt 9.5 oz (266 g)


// Air // citrus, cherry blossom, hydrangea, apple and peach, with a hint of blonde wood, as well as orange and grapefruit essential oils.

// Fire // smoke and wood meld into a warm union of clove, amber, sandalwood and patchouli.

// Water // sweet yet salty oceanic accords with an undercurrent of amber and vanilla, and hints of plum, ozone and essential oils of cardamom and clove leaf.

// Earth // deep yet balanced musk that is well suited for either masculine or feminine products. Notes of fern and orris add to the musk flower and woody base notes, and essential oils of patchouli and geranium.

// Ether // soft floral notes with salty highlights, crisp ozonic notes of sea salt, calming notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, and tonka bean.


Please follow safety instructions included with candles when burning! Candles should not be left unattended and should not be burned once 1/4" of wax is left.