Natural Mask Mixing Kit

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The accessories set contains:

  • handmade artisanal clay mixing bowl made out of edible volcanic clay
  • application brush with artificial non-reactive bristles
  • handmade mixing utensils out of non-porous olive wood
  • sea sponge for cleansing

The age of plastic is gone. Instead we assembled handmade mixing accessories. Each is proudly made using thousand-year old techniques and some of these techniques are protected by UNESCO as ancient crafts.

Apart of beauty and functionality, there is a reason we went out of our way to create a kit for mixing beauty products. Most clays contain metals and will oxidize when mixing in or with metal utensils. A lot of other products are reactive to other products and environments. You can have the best ingredients in the world and use them in a way that diminishes their effectiveness. 

Each kit contains a beautiful bowl made out of edible clay (but please don't eat it), a sustainably made mixing utensil our of hardy olive wood, a natural sea sponge for cleansing skin and a brush to apply a masque (brush is not handmade - on purpose). 

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