Oh, Baby Collection

Our Oh Baby Collection has been created with all of your diapering needs in mind.  Pick your items individually, or cover all of your bases with the Gift Set!  The Baby Gift Set provides all you need to handle all 7 types of diaper rash, which are detailed on our Diaper Rash Decoding Guide (included).  This quick reference chart helps you decide which diaper rash it is, which Balm to apply and how to proceed.  Lined with a cotton receiving blanket (choose girl, boy, or neutral colors), and packed with our Clay Bottom Balm (4 oz), Barrier Balm (4 oz), all-natural Baby Powder (4.5 oz), an unscented bar of soap (3 oz) and a toy, it's as cute as it is functional!

  Our Barrier Balm is made with all-natural shea butter and non-nanoparticle zinc oxide, which protects skin in high-acid environments, such as teething-related diaper rash.

  The Clay Barrier Balm utilizes all-natural shea butter and bentonite clay to provide a soothing barrier for most types of diaper rashes.

  Our all-natural Baby Powder has been a huge hit!  Made with bentonite clay and lavender essential oil, we opted to use arrowroot powder rather than the standard cornstarch.  In yeast-based diaper rashes, cornstarch can actually feed the bacteria.



Barrier Balm- Shea butter, non-nanoparticle zinc oxide, coconut oil, lavender essential oil.

Clay Barrier Balm- shea butter, coconut oil, bentonite clay, lavender essential oil, chamomile essential oil.

Baby Powder- bentonite clay, arrowroot powder, lavender essential oil.

Safety & Disclaimer: We do not attempt to diagnose, cure, or treat illnesses, and always encourage you to share any herbal products you're taking with your regular physician. Any suggestions have not been evaluated by the FDA.